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What is Probation?

Probation is a program designed to monitor and rehabilitate offenders after conviction. Each level of offense carries with it a maximum amount of time for which you could be incarcerated. In many cases the jail time may be stayed (meaning not imposed) and the person may be placed on probation instead.

During the pendency of the probation period, the stayed portion of the jail can be held over your head. If you violate your conditions of probation you can go back to jail or prison for all, or a portion, of the stayed jail time. If you serve the maximum jail time you cannot be on probation. Probation usually includes some sort of supervision by a probation agent and certain conditions or programming. Some examples of conditions or programming include submitting to random testing, attending AA, attending domestic abuse counseling or anger management and/or counseling as well as no contact with the victim(s) of the offense. When you are on probation you must be law-abiding and cooperative or you will likely face a probation violation and you may go to jail or even prison if the conviction is for a felony.

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