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Our estate planning and Will attorney, Ethne Hedren helps you make the decisions to best plan for your family's future and lay the groundwork for the transfer of wealth and assets to your heirs or other beneficiaries while minimizing tax implications under Minnesota and federal law. Creating a Will is important yet it can sometimes be difficult to think about and plan for the end of life; however the decisions you make now and spell out in a Will directly impact how your children are cared for, how your assets are divided, and the tax implications of transferring wealth.

If You Have a Car, You Have an Estate

Wills are important for everyone, no matter the size of your bank account or assets. A Will ensures your wishes are carried out and that what you own is transferred to those you want. If your marital or family status has changed (newly married, divorced, separated, or widowed), you need to update your Will or create a Will if you do not have one.

If You Do Not Make a Will, the State of Minnesota Will Make One for You

Estate planning is unique to an individual's situation and everyone can benefit from the estate planning process: single persons, married couples, couples in a relationship outside of marriage (domestic partnerships) and persons with young children. A comprehensive estate plan from Martin & Wagner, P.A., includes:

  • A simple Will
  • A Will with contingent trusts or other trust provisions and guardianship provisions
  • Powers of attorney and health care directives (living Wills)
  • Revocable and irrevocable trusts
  • A designation of Temporary Custodian or Delegation of Parental Authority

Our estate planning lawyers can also help you with charitable giving and preservation of assets.

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From our office in Rogers, Minnesota, we provide legal representation to clients throughout the Greater Metropolitan area, including but not limited to, Maple Grove, Albertville, Buffalo, St. Michael and other communities North and West of Minneapolis.

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