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Single Parent Will

For parents, having a Will is the single most important thing you can do to make sure your child is cared for by the people you choose if anything should happen to you. Regardless of the presence of an ex-spouse, a single parent Will want to assure transfer and management of non-probate assets for their minor child.

If your minor child is named as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy or retirement plan, that property will pass outside of probate directly to your child. In your Will, you may want to consider appointing a separate guardian for your child's property or establishing a contingent trust.

Creating A Single Parent Will

Creating a Will is an extremely personal process and can sometimes be difficult to think about. It's easy to put off creating a Will, especially if you're young; however, the decisions you make concerning who will care for your children, how property will be distributed, and your wishes regarding end-of-life health care should be taken seriously.

When you work with Martin & Wagner, you are ensuring that your children are taken care of and that your assets are protected and distributed to beneficiaries according to your wishes.

Our attoneys can help you make educated decisions and offer experienced, compassionate legal advice as well as personal attention from lawyers who genuinely care about your needs, your values and your goals.

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Our attorneys offer a free ½ hour consultation in the matters relating to single parent Wills as well as other estate planning needs including designation of temporary custodian and health care directives. Contact Martin & Wagner by e-mail or call 763-425-6330.

From our Rogers law office, we provide legal represenation to clients in the matters relating to single parent wills throughout the Greater Twin Cities area including but not limited to, Albertville, Anoka, Buffalo, Elk River, Maple Grove, Minneapolis, Monticello, and St. Michael and other communities within Stearns County, Hennepin County, Wright County, Sherburne County, and Anoka County.

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