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Traffic Violations

Defending Traffic Violations in MN

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys are Experienced in Defending All Types of Traffic Offenses Including, But Not Limited to:

  • Driving After Suspension
  • Driving After Revocation
  • Driving After Cancelation
  • Driving After Cancelation as Inimical to Public Safety
  • No Minnesota Driver's License
  • Limited Licensee Violations
  • B-Card violations
  • No Insurance
  • No Proof of Insurance
  • School Bus Stop Arm Violations
  • Window Tint
  • Stop Sign Violations
  • Speeding
  • Equipment violations
  • Exhibition Driving
  • Small amount of marijuana in a motor vehicle
  • Ordinance Violations

Contact Martin & Wagner - Criminal Defense Attorney in Rogers, Minnesota

We offer flexible payment options and are conveniently located in Rogers, MN. The reality is that all of us know someone who has, at one time or another, been caught up in the criminal justice system. This does not make you a bad person! Find out how our law firm can help you.

Call to schedule a free 1/2 hour consultation: 763-425-6330. You may also Email our Firm for a quick response.

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