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Successful Case Results

Criminal Defense Cases with Successful Outcomes

Attorney J. Matthew Holson's experience defending clients in all types of Minnesota misdemeanor and felony cases has resulted in many successful outcomes for the clients he serves. We've highlighted just a few successful cases below. 

Driving Privileges Reinstated 

Our customer was accused of and conceded to various petty criminal offenses. The infringement had happened quite a long while before the liable supplications and was not settled on the grounds that G.F. was carrying out a jail punishment on an irrelevant offense. G.F. reached Criminal Defense Attorney Matt Holson to check whether he could effectively recover his permit. Our lawyer Matt, documented movements in both Anoka and Hennepin County to address the permit denials. In Anoka County, the appointed authority consented to clear the permit suspensions related to those offenses and in Hennepin County, the adjudicator consented to lessen the permit suspension to 60 days. G.F. is currently qualified to get a legitimate driver's permit and return to driving.


Speeding Ticket

Our client is 16 years old, three weeks after she started driving alone, was charged with speeding – 79 mph in a 55 mph zone. Criminal Defense Attorney Matt Holson, was retained to help keep the matter off of our client's driving record so it would not result in an increase in insurance rates or affect her driving status. After unsuccessful negotiations with the Wright County Attorney, Matt was able to convince the Judge to grant a stay of adjudication which would keep the matter off of her driving record. Matt convinced the judge that she should not be worse off because she was speeding vs. committing a more serious offense like theft or assault where the matter would be handled in juvenile court. The judge agreed with Matt’s argument and ultimately stayed adjudication on the grounds that our client pays $100 in court costs and not have any moving violations for one year. The charge will be dismissed and removed from our client's record if she meets these conditions.

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME: Speeding Ticket Dismissed

Violation of OFP

R.G.R. was charged in Washington County with a violation of an OFP. Our client was alleged to have violated the order by making a request to view an essay in Google Docs which had been composed by his daughter who was protected by the OFP. His daughter received the request from Google, which referenced her father’s email address. She then reported the violation to law enforcement and he was charged with violating the OFP. Our client was initially represented by a public defender. The prosecutor had offered R.G.R. a Continuance for Dismissal (CFD). He rejected that offer then hired Attorney Matthew Holson. The matter was set for trial. Defense Lawyer Matt Holson discussed the matter with the prosecutor made it clear that due to the lack of any investigation by law enforcement that the State would likely be unable to prove the matter beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecutor reiterated the offer for the CFD, but when it became clear that the case was going to proceed to trial, he dismissed the charges against R.G.R.


Drug Possession 

D.S. was charged in Wright County with 2nd Degree Drug Possession of 100 doses of ecstasy that were found during a search of his apartment. He was facing 25 years of probation with four years of prison over his head. The search occurred because our client's roommate was on probation and his supervision was being transferred to Wright County. The probation agent wrongly assumed that our client’s roommate was on a drug abstention and random testing requirement. He was not on such a condition of probation. Lawyer, Matt Holson filed a motion to suppress, or throw out, the evidence found during the search because there was not an exception to the warrant requirement that applied to the situation. The Wright County Attorney agreed with Attorney Matt Holson and dismissed the charge without even having a suppression hearing.


Harassment Restraining Order & Order For Protection

M.D.M. was the respondent to a Harassment Restraining Order in Hennepin County. This is the third in a series of orders that have been issued over the years. In 2018, our client's wife applied for an OFP. That request was denied, but the matter was set for a hearing at the Petitioner’s request. M.D.M. hired Attorney at Law, Matthew Holson and after several court appearances, the Petitioner agreed to voluntarily dismiss the request for the O.F.P. and went to Court again 12 months later. She applied for an OFP which was denied and the case was set for a hearing. Several days later she applied for an HRO, which was granted. Our client hired Lawyer Matt Holson on both matters. The Petitioner agreed to withdraw her request for the OFP and a contested HRO hearing was held, which was denied. In April, the Petitioner again applied for an HRO; this time it was granted. Lawyer Matt Holson was again retained. The Court dismissed the HRO at the initial hearing and the referee found that the HRO should have never been issued in the first place. The case is now pending before the judge handling the divorce on Matt’s motion for sanctions because of the Petitioner’s abuse of the Court process.


Prohibited Airport Item

J.J.B. was charged in Hennepin County with Presenting a Prohibited Item at a Security Checkpoint. Our client was catching a flight at the airport and went through security without remembering that he had a cased, unloaded firearm in his backpack. He was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for doing so. Throughout the process, the City Attorney was insistent that our defendant pleads guilty to the misdemeanor with a $500 fine and forfeiture of the firearm. Attorney at Law, Matt Holson presented the City with documentation on how this would affect J.J.B.’s job to no avail. Ultimately, he pleads guilty to the Court, without an agreement. The Judge sentenced our client to a $300 fine and did not order forfeiture of the gun. This is a petty misdemeanor result which is not a criminal conviction and will not affect J.J.B.’s job. Ultimately, the Judge was persuaded by the potential negative outcomes that might fact if he was convicted of the offense and he rejected the State’s argument for a misdemeanor conviction.

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME: Fine Lowered, No Forfeiture

4th Degree DWI Dropped

Charged with 4th Degree DWI, JP was pulled over for not signaling a turn and blew a .11. NP completed an alcohol assessment and a MADD victim impact panel. Criminal Defense Attorney Matt Holson was able to use that program completion along with the client's status as an active-duty military member as a basis to negotiate down to a careless driving charge. The client was not sentenced to serve any jail time and instead had to pay a $250 fine, complete a 12-hour education class, and remain law-abiding.

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME: DWI dropped for Careless Driving Violation

Harassment Order Denied in Divorce Case

A husband, in the midst of a divorce proceeding, contacted Attorney Mathew Holson, after the wife applied for a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO) which was denied and was set for a hearing. Two days after the HRO was denied, she applied for an Order for Protection (OFP) which was granted. Both matters were set for a hearing. With the attorney's help in negotiation, the wife agreed not to seek the OFP and following a contested hearing, the Court denied her request for an HRO.

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME: Harassment Order Denied

Coon Rapids PD Fails to Follow Procedure Causing Case Dismissal

A.R. was charged with Fifth Degree Controlled Substance Crime (Possession). When  A.R. was pulled over for an equipment violation, he had a warrant for his arrest and was placed in custody.  Law enforcement made the decision to impound his vehicle and an officer performed what was supposed to be an “inventory” search. During the search, the officer located a trace amount of methamphetamine in the pocket of a pair of jeans; however, the officer failed to follow the Coon Rapids Police Department’s inventory search policy. Following a contested hearing, Anoka County Judge agreed that law enforcement had not followed policy and suppressed the evidence against A.R. 

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME: The charge was dismissed.

Order for Protection Denied in Anoka County

J.G. hired Criminal Defense Attorney Matt Holson after being served with an Order for Protection. The petitioner was a tenant who lived with him in his home. As a result, he had to move out of his home and sleep on the couch of a friend. Several days later, our client applied for a Harassment Restraining Order against the petitioner. The Court denied the request for an HRO but set the matter of a hearing on May 9, 2018. Anoka County court held a consolidated hearing on the OFP and the HRO and after receiving testimony from both parties, the Court found that the client had not engaged in domestic abuse and canceled the OFP against J.G. The Court separately found that the tenant had engaged in a pattern of harassing conduct meant to negatively impact our client and issued an HRO against the tenant.

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME: As a result, J.G. will be able to return to the home he owns and the tenant will have to move out. He was very happy with the result.

Harassment Restraining Order Charge (HR) Dismissed in Anoka County

KME was charged with a misdemeanor violation of a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO) in Blaine, MN. An HRO Violation is a misdemeanor offense that is enhanceable in Minnesota, which means that the charge can be made more serious up to a gross misdemeanor or even a felony. Attorney Matthew Holson was hired by KME and was able to negotiate a Continuance Without Plea for dismissal (CWOP) with the prosecutor due to the client's lack of criminal history, minimal conduct, age, and remorse for the situation. This resulted in a "no conviction."  The defendant agrees to pay $175.00 in costs and to avoid any same or similar charges for a year. 

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME: Because there are no prior charges on record and if conditions are met, the charge will be dismissed.

Possession of Small Amount and Paraphanalia Dropped

A client was charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The Court found that the state failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he possessed both items when the passenger in the motor vehicle admitted possessing a marijuana pipe and our client denied possessing both.

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME: Following a court trial he was found not guilty of both charges.

Fifth Degree Assault Dropped

Our client was charged with Fifth Degree Assault; a misdemeanor charge which carries a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. More importantly, Fifth Degree Assault is enhanceable which means that a conviction will automatically make a future charge a gross misdemeanor if it occurs within the next 10 years. The Client was steadfast in his position that no assault occurred. On the day of trial, the State dismissed the charges because the alleged victim was uncooperative and did not show. Taking a stand is important and having an attorney to help defend your rights can make that more effective and successful.

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME: Our client achieved the vindication he was looking for.

First Degree Controlled Substance Offense

A 20 year old client was charged with a First Degree Controlled Substance Offense. He was facing 65 months in prison for being in possession of more than one pound of cocaine. Following a guilty plea and argument from the criminal defense attorney, Matthew Holson; the Court agreed to place him on probation. The young man will not have to serve any additional jail time beyond the two days he already served and instead will face a combination of electronic house arrest and community service.

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME: Upon successful completion of probation, the felony conviction will be reduced to a misdemeanor.

Juvenile Case has 3 Charges Dropped

A Juvenile was charged with Speeding, Violation of a Provisional License, Open Bottle Violation; and Use of Tobacco by a Minor. After reviewing the police reports, Matt filed a Motion to Suppress because the search of the vehicle was unconstitutional. The County Attorney agreed and dismissed the Open Bottle Violation and Use of Tobacco by a Minor as well as the Speeding charges. Juvenile A pleaded guilty to Violation of Provisional License. Juvenile A received a Stay of Adjudication on the condition that he complete an Alive by 25 class and have no moving violations for six months.

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME: If conditions are, the charge will be dismissed.

Financial Exploitation Case Closed

Matt was hired on a pretrial basis after he was contacted by Anoka County Human Services about the alleged Financial Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult. Matt met with the client about the allegations and directed them as to what bank and financial records would be useful in establishing their innocence. Matt and the client met with the Anoka County Social Worker and discussed the underlying allegations. They also provided the relevant documentation both at the meeting and following the meeting once they were aware that additional records might be relevant.

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME: Ultimately, Anoka County found the allegations to be “inconclusive” and the file was closed.

Champlin Noise Ordinance Violation Dropped

J.A.S. was charged with a violation of the Champlin noise ordinance for having a party for her son and his friends in her backyard with a karaoke machine. A neighbor made complaints about how loud the music was and as a result, a citation was issued. Matt challenged the Champlin noise ordinance as “void of vagueness.”

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME: TheJudge agreed that the ordinance was unconstitutionally vague and dismissed the charge completely.

Jail Time Avoided & Violation Reduced

Charged in Freeborn County with a misdemeanor Violation of an Order for Protection (OFP), T.O. was facing a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine with an OFP violation enhanceable offense that can eventually be charged as gross misdemeanors or even felonies. Criminal Defense Attorney, Matt Holson, was able to secure a stay of adjudication, which means that T.O. will not have a conviction on record if probation is successfully completed and the charge will be dismissed. 

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME: The client did not have to serve any jail time and will only have to pay a $75.00 non-conviction fee. 

Dismissal of Order for Protection Extension

JL was subject to an Order for Protection (OFP) that constrained contact with his two children. JL complied with the request issued in Wright County and completed anger management and parenting classes. He had likewise gone to guiding meetings with his child. Unfortunately his advocate was ill-equipped to suggest extra contact with his children. As a result, the mother appealed to the Court to broaden the OFP for an extra year. The mother's lawyer contended that the disappointment of the counselor to prescribe reunification was a premise to expand the OFP an extra year. I argued to the Court that JL had done all that he could do and that this was a family law issue as opposed to an OFP issue.

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME: The Court embraced my reasoning and denied the demand for expanding the OFP.

Felony Drug Possession Dropped to Gross Misdemeanor

K.M.F-H. was charged with a Felony 5th Degree Controlled Substance Crime for the alleged possession of heroin. The charge was based upon a NIK test, which is a presumptive test for the presence of controlled substances.  The NIK alone does not confirm that a particular substance is illegal or what that substance might actually be. When the item was sent in for testing, the test results did not reveal heroin.  Possession of the same amount of methamphetamine is only a Gross Misdemeanor. Her public defender did not address this problem.  K.M.F-H. retained Criminal Defense Attorney Holson and he immediately filed a motion to dismiss for lack of probable cause because the complaint charged her with a more serious offense based upon an inaccurate test.

SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME: The County Attorney ultimately agreed and amended the charge to a Gross Misdemeanor which is a far less serious offense.

Facing Third Probation Violation

T.G. was facing his third probation violation since being sentenced. During the pendency of the violation, his probation agent filed two addendums alleging additional violations of probation. His probation agent was recommending 120 days in jail as a sanction for violating probation. T.G. admitted to violating probation and after an extensive argument about his sanction, the Court ordered him to serve 10 days in jail immediately. The court then stayed an additional 80 days in jail with a report date a few months later. If T.G. complies with probation in the interim he will not have to serve those days in jail. Result: Hiring counsel helped him avoid serving 110 days in jail.

Facing Misdemeanor: Failure to Drive with Due Care

J.O. was charged with failure to drive with due care as a result of a three-car accident. The charge was a misdemeanor because there were claims by the other drivers that there were injuries and property damage. Law enforcement did not take photographs of the purported property damage and there were no medical records to substantiate the claims of injury. J.O. ultimately received a CWOP (continuance without plea for dismissal). He agreed to pay a $200 fine and the charge will be dismissed as long as J.O. isn’t charged with the same or similar offense.

Served Two Applications for Harassment Restraining Orders

K.R. was served two applications for Harassment Restraining Orders (HRO’s) by her ex-husband and his new fiancée. Following a hearing in Wright County, the Court found that there was no basis to support the issuance of an HRO protecting her ex-husband. A week later, the fiancée failed to show for the hearing on her application for an HRO and the case was dismissed.

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Known for protecting rights, J. Matthew Holson has successfully defended clients charged with significant crimes such as Assault in the First Degree, Felony Domestic Assault, and False Imprisonment. He has handled cases in  Albertville, Anoka, Buffalo, Elk River, Maple Grove, Minneapolis, Monticello, Rogers, St. Cloud, and St. Michael as well as other communities within Hennepin County, Stearns County, Wright County, Sherburne County, and Anoka County.

Juvenile A was charged as a juvenile with Speeding, Violation of a Provisional License, Open Bottle Violation; and Use of Tobacco by a Minor.  After reviewing the police reports, Matt filed a Motion to Suppress because the search of the vehicle was unconstitutional.  The County Attorney agreed and dismissed the Open Bottle Violation and Use of Tobacco by a Minor as well as the Speeding charges.  Juvenile A pleaded guilty to Violation of Provisional License. Juvenile A received a Stay of Adjudication on the condition that he complete an Alive by 25 class and have no moving violations for six months.  If he meets these conditions, the charge will be dismissed.

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