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Our Divorce Lawyers Are Advocates on Your Side

The end of a relationship can be one of the most traumatic events in a person's life. There are many factors to consider, from how your children will be affected to dividing marital property. The emotional stress can seem overwhelming. Our attorneys at Martin & Wagner, P.A. are trusted, experienced advocates on your side. We help smoothly guide you through the complex divorce or separation process, from the decision to proceed through the resolution of your case.

Our divorce attorneys, Becky MartinEthne Hedren and Melissa Bakeberg have represented individuals in the most amicable separations and the most contentious divorces and child custody battles. They are compassionate, experienced, and knowledgeable in all areas that may concern your divorce or seperation settlement including:

  • Child custody and parenting time (visitation): We help you create a parenting time plan that works for your family and is in the best interests of your minor child while protecting your rights as a parent. We also help you establish a child custody plan that considers the medical, educational, religious and other special needs of your child.
  • Child support: We review all proposed child support orders for compliance with Minnesota Child Support guidelines and confirm that all relevant income is part of the calculation.
  • Alimony or spousal support: Our attorneys help you determine whether spousal maintenance is appropriate in your case and, if so, the necessary amount and duration of payments.
  • Division of marital property: We work with you to equitably divide the debts and assets of your marriage, including real estate and personal property, vehicles and recreational vehicles, bank accounts, investments, retirement funds, business assets, credit card debt and other liabilities. We also help you protect assets during and after a divorce.
  • Modification or enforcement of existing Court order: If you have an existing divorce judgment or other Court order, we handle all matters related to modification or enforcement including enforcement of child support, parenting time, and spousal maintenance.
  • Domestic violence and Orders for Protection: We represent victims of domestic violence and assist them in seeking Orders for Protection to safeguard them from further abuse.

Legal Separation Instead of Divorce

If you are considering a legal separation instead of a divorce, our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys will outline the differences in each process and will help you determine which process is best for your situation.

Preserving Your Financial Resources

We encourage our clients to seek an amicable resolution rather than engage in lengthy, stressful, and expensive litigation. We believe it is better to preserve your financial resources for your family rather than spend them on attorney's fees and court costs. However, if an agreement cannot be reached outside of the courtroom, we have the experience and knowledge to effectively represent your interests and goals at trial. All the while, we pay close attention to your financial concerns and strive to resolve your case in the most cost-effective manner. 

Compassionate Advice & Guidance

You may have questions every step of the way and we are here to answer them.  We pride ourselves on making sure our clients understand what to expect at each stage throughout their case and what is coming up next.  The most common complaint regarding family law attorneys is their lack of communication with clients.  Here at Martin & Wagner, P.A., we make every effort to return all phone calls and respond to all e-mails as soon as possible because your concerns are important to us.  

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Martin & Wagner, P.A. attorneys offer a free ½ hour consultation 763-425-6330 with an experienced Rogers, Minnesota, divorce lawyer.

From our law office in Rogers, MN, we provide legal representation to clients throughout the Greater Twin Cities area including, but not limited to, Albertville, Anoka, Buffalo, Elk River, Maple Grove, Minneapolis, Monticello, and St. Michael and other communities within Hennepin County, Stearns County, Wright County, Sherburne County, and Anoka County.

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