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What is a DANCO or No Contact Order?

A DANCO (Domestic Abuse No Contact Order) is a court Order that prohibits you from having contact with a family or household member who is an alleged victim of the offense. This could include your spouse or significant other, children, roommate, or parents. Violation of a DANCO is a new criminal offense that is oftentimes as serious as the original charge. Proving a DANCO violation is often far easier than proving the original crime. Most importantly, the DANCO can be issued over the objection of the alleged victim and the alleged victim does not have the authority to allow contact. Only the judge can cancel the DANCO. The two most important reasons for setting bail are for public safety or flight risks. If the alleged crime is so egregious that the court feels that your release may cause members of the general public to be in danger a high bail may be set. The same is true if the person charged poses a flight risk.

A No Contact Order is similar to a DANCO except that it applies to non-domestic offenses. The same rules apply. You cannot have any contact with the subject of the No Contact Order until informed otherwise. If you do, you can be charged with a new offense. The No Contact Order can only be modified by the judge.

You should contact an attorney if you wish to have a DANCO or No Contact Order modified.

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