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Successful Case Results

Criminal Defense Cases with Successful Outcomes

Attorney J. Matthew Holson's experience defending clients in all types of misdemeanor and felony cases has resulted in many successful outcomes for the clients he serves. We've highlighted just a few of these cases below. 

Order for Protection Violation Reduced

TDO was charged in Freeborn County with a misdemeanor Violation of an ORder for Protection (OFP). OFP violations are enhanceable offenses that can eventually be charged as gross misdemeanors or even felonies. T.D.O. was facing a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. Matt was able to secure a stay of adjudication for T.D.O. A stay of adjudication means that T.D.O. will not have a conviction on his record and if he successfully completes probation, the charge will be dismissed. T.D.O. did not have to serve any jail time and he will only have to pay a $75.00 non-conviction fee.JL was subject to an Order for Protection (OFP) that constrained contact with his two children. The request was issued in September 2016, in Wright County. JL complied with the request, finished anger management, and a parenting classes. He had likewise gone to guiding meetings with his child. Unfortunately his advocate was ill-equipped to suggest extra contact with his children. As result, the mother appealed to the Court to broaden the OFP for an extra year. The mother's lawyer contended that the disappointment of the counselor to prescribe reunification was a premise to expand the OFP an extra year. I argued to the Court that JL had done all that he could do and that this was a family law issue as opposed to an OFP issue; the Court embraced my reasoning and denied the demand for expanding the OFP.

Felony Drug Possession Dropped to Gross Misdemeanor

K.M.F-H. was charged with a Felony 5th Degree Controlled Substance Crime for the alleged possession of heroin.  The charge was based upon a NIK test, which is a presumptive test for the presence of controlled substances.  The NIK alone does not confirm that a particular substance is illegal or what that substance might actually be.  When the item was sent in for testing, the test results did not reveal heroin.  Possession of the same amount of methamphetamine is only a Gross Misdemeanor.  Her public defender did not address this problem.  K.M.F-H. retained Criminal Defense Attorney Holson and he immediately filed a motion to dismiss for lack of probable cause because the complaint charged her with a more serious offense based upon an inaccurate test.  The County Attorney ultimately agreed and amended the charge to a Gross Misdemeanor which is a far less serious offense.

Facing Third Probation Violation

T.G. was facing his third probation violation since being sentenced in January of 2017. During the pendency of the violation, his probation agent filed two addendums alleging additional violations of probation. His probation agent was recommending 120 days in jail as a sanction for violating probation. T.G. admitted to violating probation and after an extensive argument about his sanction, the Court ordered him to serve 10 days in jail immediately. The court then stayed an additional 80 days in jail with a report date in November 2017. If T.G. complies with probation in the interim he will not have to serve those days in jail. Result: Hiring counsel helped him avoid serving 110 days in jail.

Facing Misdemeanor: Failure to Drive with Due Care

J.O. was charged with failure to drive with due care as a result of a three car accident. The charge was a misdemeanor because there were claims by the other drivers that there were injuries and property damage. Law enforcement did not take photographs of the purported property damage and there were no medical records to substantiate the claims of injury. J.O. ultimately received a CWOP (continuance without plea for dismissal). He agreed to pay a $200 fine and the charge will be dismissed as long as J.O. isn’t charged with a same or similar offense.

Served Two Applications for Harassment Restraining Orders

K.R. was served two applications for Harassment Restraining Orders (HRO’s) by her ex-husband and his new fiancée. Following a hearing in Wright County, the Court found that there was no basis to support issuance of an HRO protecting her ex-husband. A week later, the fiancée failed to show for the hearing on her application for an HRO and the case was dismissed.

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Known for protecting rights, J. Matthew Holson, has successfully defended clients charged with significant crimes such as Assault in the First Degree, Felony Domestic Assault, and False Imprisonment. He has handled cases in  Albertville, Anoka, Buffalo, Elk River, Maple Grove, Minneapolis, Monticello, Rogers, St. Cloud, and St. Michael as well as other communities within Hennepin County, Stearns County, Wright County, Sherburne County, and Anoka County.

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